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Lighting Your Fire Teleseminar


“What YOU Need To Know About Motivation & How to Stay Focused and Committed to Your Goals All the Way to the End


In Less Than 2 Hours, You Can Learn How To Find

What Truly Motivates YOU, Why Your Fire Sometimes Seem To Die, And How To Rekindle Your Flame

…Even After The Coals Have Gone Cold.





Have you ever started a project, only to watch it fizzle out after a couple of weeks?

Have you ever lost motivation and fallen short on a goal that once felt exciting?

Have you ever felt discouraged, disheartened, or defeated?


If you’re anything like most people, you probably start SUPER strong with your dreams, goals, intentions, projects & plans…then lose steam a few days or weeks later.  


Sometimes you get discouraged by little set-backs; other times you get distracted by something new and exciting; or perhaps there are times that the progress seems just too slow. But no matter what, the fire seems to dwindle and it’s SO HARD to muster up the motivation to follow through.


The worst part is, after enough of these forgotten projects, you start to tell yourself the “I Can’t” story, and that makes just about everything impossible. Your dreams end up becoming burdens that you drag around…heavy, charred reminders of what could have been, if only…


Does that sound about right?


Well fortunately for you, the fires never die for the dreams that really mean something…they just sometimes fade into embers and need a little more fuel. And finding fuel to keep the fires lit isn’t nearly as hard as lighting the fires in the first place…you just have to know where to look and how to fan the flames.


Well, here’s your map and here’s your fan.



Lighting Your Fire!

Sparking Your Inner Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life



During this content-rich, 90-minute call, you’ll learn:


         alt  How to build & maintain motivation 24/7…

      alt What MOTIVATION really means…

      alt The most common motivation dousers…and how to avoid them…

      alt How to free yourself from the frustration of unfulfilled dreams…

      alt The 6-Step Formula for rekindling any fire to change your life

      alt The TOP 8 Universal Motivators…discover YOURS and how YOU can use them TODAY…

      alt  How to feel fulfilled & accomplished…and win the confidence of others…

      alt  And much, much more…


Rekindling your fires is the key to transforming your life and living your dreams successfully.


Whether it’s a workout & diet plan, an exciting new business venture or that vacation you’ve always wanted, you can achieve all of your dreams…but unfortunately you’re doomed to failure UNLESS you harness the hidden power of SUSTAINABLE MOTIVATION.


Join us for Lighting Your Fire! – Sparking Your Inner Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life and discover what factors keep you imprisoned, and how to BREAK FREE.


That’s assuming, of course, that you WANT to break free.

You may be just fine, in possession of ALL the motivation you’ll ever need to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted…in which case this teleseminar isn’t for you.


But if you want to tap into you own personal motivators, set AND achieve all your goals, preserve when things get hard, and relight the fire of goals that have died down, then please join us for this training.


Don’t waste another moment. There’s a whole world of beauty, riches, service, community & love just waiting for you.  But this offer won’t last forever, and there are others signing up for this training too, so go ahead and click the link to register NOW, while you STILL CAN.


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