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"To Do List" or "Ta Da List"

There are many reasons for work-related stress, but the primary reason that most people have work related stress is that they don’t feel appreciated for the work they do.  While we can’t change others into the appreciative, encouraging people we’d like them to be, we can appreciate and encourage ourselves. 

Too often, we get to the end of the day and look at our To Do List with disappointment over the things we failed to cross off the list.  This can be quite discouraging.  Instead, how about making a Ta Da List?  It would include not only the items you did manage to cross off the To Do list, but also some of the other things you need to give yourself credit for.  Sometimes these “non-tasks” get overlooked.  For example, did you treat an annoying coworker with respect, even though you were frustrated?  Ta Da! Good for you!  Did you speak up in a meeting, even though you were feeling hesitant?  Ta Da! Good for you!  Did you keep your cool in a traffic jam?  Ta Da!


True appreciation of yourself includes paying attention to “doing” and “being”. 

At work and in life, are you doing what you need to do?  Appreciate all you do.

At work and in life, are you being who you want to be?  Appreciate who you are.

Doing this for yourself will make you better equipped to handle stress, difficulties and disappointments.


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